Minnesota Prospects

Zach Docteur Can Play

Shakopee has the potential to be one of the most potent lineups in all high school hockey next season, with Cooper Simpson, Nate Pederson, Cooper Siegert, and Carson Steinhoff all eligible to return. While these…

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Luke Dahlstrom Has Big Upside

A player that deserves a lot more attention than what he has been getting is Luke Dahlstrom, another young prospect with tons of potential that has come up through the Cottage Grove Youth Hockey Association….

Carter Casey is Legit

The title is obvious, as those who have watched Casey play over the last few years are fully aware that his abilities in the net are special. While Casey has skills that pass the eye…

The Versatile and Skilled AJ Francisco

The main question when evaluating AJ is not his talent, but what position he will be playing. The versatile Hermantown Hawk has been transitioning back and forth between defense and forward, playing exceptionally at both…