Parker Trottier: More than Just the Name

Photo by David Romuald

At the Youth Olympic Games, the rest of the hockey world is getting a glimpse at something that Minnesotans and Americans already know, Parker Trottier is a great hockey player.

The Edina, Minnesota native has grown up on the rink with the immense pressure of living up to the Trottier name, which is a fixture in the hockey world thanks to his grandfather’s, Bryan Trottier, illustrious NHL career. Parker has responded well to the pressure and is proving to be more than just a grandson of a legend.

Trottier, who is the captain of team USA, is a joy to watch on the ice as he displays a great combination of strength, talent, and work ethic. His stride is powerful, giving him good acceleration and aiding his ability to hold his ice while the opposition attempts to play the body. Parker plays well off contact, being able to keep possession while continuing his trajectory up ice.

At times Trottier can be an unstoppable force, using his size, agility, and skating ability to beat the opposition and create great opportunities for himself and teammates. His shot is something special as he can really ramp it up, but it’s his release and shot selection that makes him so dangerous while shooting. He can do a quick release with little setup or give a longer sweeping motion to mess with the goalies timing. During a viewing earlier this season, Trottier brought the puck to the slot and started a shooting motion, the goalie went down to cover low, but Parker held it for a split second to get a better angle and then released the puck upper corner. It was a great read and patience by Trottier.

His ability to win 1v1 loose puck battles is an underrated aspect of his game as he has a keen ability to use body positioning and excellent ‘fishing skills’ to dig the puck out of a scrum and give his team possession. I’ve watched him countless times over the last couple years win a battle on the end boards, instantly take the puck to the slot, and then unleash a shot or dish to an open teammate.

Parker’s skillset will make him a wanted prospect at the next level wherever that may be. Of Course, the speculation for Parker is that he will have the opportunity to play with the NTDP next fall, as he’s playing on the Youth Olympic Team.

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  1. I am so proud of him. His grand mother is a friend. May God blesses them

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