Carter Casey is Legit

The title is obvious, as those who have watched Casey play over the last few years are fully aware that his abilities in the net are special. While Casey has skills that pass the eye test, he also possesses a skillset that will be sustainable at higher levels.

Recently, at the High Performance U17 Final 54’s in Plymouth, Casey Posted a 2.67 GAA and a .933 SV%. This was done in an environment not set up for goalies as there is an abundance of individual play and numerous defensive breakdowns. As always, Carter put on a goaltending clinic, showcasing his lower body strength and quickness, making some extraordinary saves in the process, and keeping great focus throughout. While quickness and reflexes are common traits among good goalies at this level, Casey possesses the goalie golden ticket, Mental Toughness.

Game after game Carter has demonstrated that he’s going to give you his best, and it doesn’t matter if that game is against a top seed or cellar dweller, he’s coming prepared and ready to play. When the bounces aren’t going his way or the defensemen in front of him are having an off night, Casey stays centered. In a game this season, the opposition scored a couple quick goals on Carter. Instead of looking defeated or slumping his shoulders in disgust, he maintained calm and presented positive body language. He gathers himself by using a mechanical-like preparation by returning to the goal, getting his angles in line and then immersing himself back into the action on the ice.

Casey’s awareness and anticipation of the play allow him to be in the best possible position to stop the puck, and after a stop he’s able to fully reset and be ready for the next shot. His rebound control is remarkable, as he’s able to vacuum up shots to the glove side and gets good leverage to kick low stick side shots out of harms way. So often you see goalies make a low stick save and leave that rebound at the perfect 45-degree angle, right where opposing forwards attack for a second chance. Often that second shot goes in. With Casey, the extra push he gives and angle of his stick, catapults the puck to safer ice.

Casey also possesses an active blocker and does a great job reacting with accuracy and control with the waffle board. He doesn’t cheat with the blocker, he keeps his stick grounded in the five-hole until the forward takes the shot and the target location has been identified and tracked. This aspect of his game is the same for all shot locations. Carter has great patience and waits for the shooter to make the first move and then he reacts.

Carter was named the Youth Hockey Hub Goalie of the Year in 2023 after playing out of his mind and then this season he managed to take over the Grand Rapids crease, winning playing time over two great puck stoppers (Ryder Miskovich and Ryan Kerr). Casey was 10-7-0 this season with a .913 SV% and 2.42 GAA, leading Grand Rapids to a birth in Minnesota State High School Hockey Tournament as just a sophomore.

While his development is far from over, Casey’s mental toughness and extraordinary attributes will transition well to the USHL and Division 1 levels. He’s clearly a player born to play the position.