Gavin Kor Showing Nice Progression

Gavin Kor is having a great “offseason” as the Shattuck St. Mary’s forward played very well in the the World Youth Hockey Championships, was selected to go to the MN High Performance Camp in St. Cloud, and was picked by the Portland Winterhawks in the WHL U.S. Priority draft.

The accomplishments over the last few weeks are well deserved as Kor shows his dedication for the game by not taking a shift off and playing hard in all situations. Kor’s major strength is puck control. Kor displays his stick skills by handling the puck in tight areas and at maximum speed. Kor also positions his body to protect the puck from defenders.

Kor is so good at escaping pressure and finding open ice. He thinks the game fast and is quick to adjust opponent’s actions. Kor can do this thanks to agile skating and pristine stickhandling. Kor, is already considered one of the top 2007 DOB’s, has also been demonstrating that he’s a complete player by showing good hustle on the backcheck and can apply pressure defensively.

Kor, a Rochester native, has been building a nice hockey resume, including winning the 2021 U14 National Championship with Shattuck. With continued development, Kor will have many opportunities to play this game for a living.