Skill Zone: Preston Deragisch

The minute you underestimate Preston Deragisch, he will make you pay for it. The Sartell Hockey Association product is a smaller, elusive forward with an abundance of puck skills and determination. An aspect that stuck out during a recent viewing of Preston is his ability to beat his opponent 1v1. On one occasion Preston was carrying the puck into the offensive zone along the boards when a defender lined him up for a check. Deragisch took one power stride, lowered his shoulder, and used his edges to make a strong cut towards the slot. The defender missed his check and Preston continued to the net for a scoring opportunity.

Preston possesses clean stick work, having the ability to control bouncing pucks and have them settle onto his stick in an orderly fashion. While in transport he’s keen on keeping the puck out of harms reach and does not lose speed while doing so. He keeps his head on a swivel and accesses his opportunities that are available without pressing a turnover with an unwarranted pass. Without the puck he is looking for space and making breaks for the net. On a transition play against Rogers in October, Preston burned through the neutral zone, made a break for the net and redirected a pass from his teammate into the net. His feet and smarts earned him the goal.

Yes, Preston does not have the prototypical size at this time, but top undersized prospects are forced to survive on the ice with increased awareness and the ability to find open ice at all costs. Preston has acquired both of these attributes. There is a lot to like going forward as Deragisch has a great foundation of skills and is in a program that is on the upswing.

What scouts are saying,

“He’s a nice hockey player, hard to track, and makes some high-end plays in the O-Zone. “

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