Young Trio are the Future for Park of Cottage Grove

Park of Cottage Grove’s season ended on Wednesday night with a devastating 4-3 OT loss to Eastview. While it was not the storybook ending, there’s plenty to be excited about for next season as they are returning their top three scorers. 

The sophomore trio of Jackson Rudh, Gavin Moss, and Owen Corkish finished the season with a combined 151 points on 60 goals and 91 assists in 26 games. Of course, nothing is a guarantee when it comes to high school hockey, but these three have the opportunity to create something special if they continue their hockey at Park.

Rudh is the leader of the group as he has been a game changer since debuting last season, already totaling over 100 points in his young career. Jackson was involved in over 51% of the team’s scoring this season. Here’s a comparison of the season before Rudh and the recent two seasons with him in the lineup.

2020-21 Season (Before Rudh)

RecordGoals Per Game

20-21 Season (Rudh’s Freshman year)

RecordGoals Per Game

2022-23 (The sophomore trio together)

RecordGoals Per Game

As you see the goals per game is at a steady increase, Park finished 18th in AA this season with 114 goals, while putting up a respectable 16-9-1 record. What makes Rudh so effective is his excellent vision, as he sees the ice well and can anticipate where his teammates will be. Rudh also has great stickwork, demonstrating this by maneuvering through traffic and delivering crisp and accurate passes under duress. Jackson accumulated 59 points on 22 goals and 37 assists this season. Moss and Corkish both are excellent playmakers, with Moss having great finishing skills while Corkish is slippery and gritty.

Section 3AA is up for grabs next year and Park of Cottage Grove should have one of the top offenses thanks to Rudh, Moss, and Corkish. The opportunity to go to the Minnesota State High School Hockey Tournament is in grasp and would be the first in the school’s history. While the 2023-24 season is a longways away, it’s fun to get excited about the possibilities.