Lueck Makes Scoring Look Easy

Fans of Minnesota high school hockey often find themselves perusing and other websites for scores, schedules, and of course the state’s high school scoring leaders. While searching they will find Spring Lake Park’s Blake Lueck atop the Class AA goal leaders.

While Spring Lake Park and Lueck are not often in the spotlight, there’s no secret to why Blake leads Class AA in goals scored,….. he’s a complete savage in the slot. The senior forward has managed to outscore every other Class AA player so far this season, thanks to crafty stickwork, adept awareness, and a natural scoring sense. Lueck feels the game, understands positioning and when to attack. His shot is crisp and released quickly, it’s also heavy and accurate. During viewings, Lueck has demonstrated that he does not telegraph his shot and keeps defenders and goalies guessing with each opportunity that is presented.

Lueck’s goal scoring is not limited to zone work as his transition game makes him an instant threat on the rush. Lueck has shown great awareness in the natural zone and takes good angles to receive passes from teammates, putting his team on the attack. When the puck is in transport, Lueck adjusts to receive the pass and can control the puck without complications.

Spring Lake Park is not a top team in the state and often find themselves down early against top competition. In these games, the drive and talent from Lueck still shines, as he’s able to generate opportunities and produce. How important is Lueck to Spring Lake Park? Lueck has accounted for 34 of his team’s 71 goals (47.8%) and has been involved in 70.4% of the teams scoring! Absolutely insane for any level of hockey!

Lueck’s Scoring ability does not stop when he steps off the ice as Blake is also a natural goal scorer in Lacrosse. As a junior last season for Spring Lake Park, Blake scored 51 goals in 13 games and was eighth in the state in goals scored, second in goals scored per game with 3.9 a game.

Lueck has shown progression throughout his high school career and there’s potential ready to be untapped at the next level.