Class A Guy’s Rankings Week #10 (1/28/2024)

Class A Rankings Week #10 (1/28/2024)

  1. Warroad (8A) (16-3-0)

Past Week Results: W 6-2 Roseau (HDMN)

Upcoming Schedule: 1/30 @ Bemidji, 2/2 @ #14 Thief River Falls 

The Warriors won the big game this week vs their longtime rivals on Hockey Day Minnesota to put a great cap on an excellent week where their community and tradition was on full display. They were excellent hosts except on the ice to the Rams who they ran past for a very nice win. Now they get back to the real goal of getting back to state to try and win State Title #5 they currently are the states top team in Class A with their resume. Warroad can take a big step toward that goal of returning to state with a win over #14 TRF this week as they look to try and lock up the #1 seed Section 8A. 

Class A Resume: Key Wins: #2 Hawks, #4 EGF OT, #5 Maht, #6 Orono, #7 Delano, #14 TRF Key loss: #3 SCC OT

  • Hermantown (7A) (12-6-2)

Past Week Results: W 6-0 Superior (Wis.), L 0-3 St.Thomas Academy, L 2-3 OT Maple Grove

Upcoming Schedule: 2/1 @ #11 Cloquet/Esko/Carlton, 2/3 @ Moorhead 

The Hawks had another tough week and they have now dropped 4 of their last 6 games. Again, like with many in the Top 10 teams in Class A this week, it’s important to note that many of the losses are outside of Class A and their overall resume within A which I rely on to rank still has them firmly at #2 in the State. This week they won a game over Superior before dropping the weekend series being swept at home by STA and Maple Grove. They will look to lock up the #1 seed in 7A this week with a big match up with CEC and then will head outside Class A again for matchup at Moorhead 

Class A Resume: Key Wins: #3 SCC, #4 EGF, #5 Maht, #7 Delano, #12 Hibbing, #13 Proctor OT  Key loss: #1 Warroad 

  • St. Cloud Cathedral (5A) (15-4-1)

Past Week Results: W 7-1 #15 Little Falls, W 4-2 #8 Northfield 

Upcoming Schedule: 1/30 vs #17 Northern Lakes, 2/1 vs Detroit Lakes

The Crusaders had one of the few impressive weeks within the Class A Top 10 as they were able to get a Section 5A rout over their rival #15 Little Falls and then took care of business vs #8  Northfield in “Friday Night Ice” to really cement their Class A Resume as a top three team in the State.. The Crusaders get a crazy amount of production out of one line and it works and now add in they have yet to be beaten with their starter in net and this team is looking more and more like a good bet to win the whole thing come March. Now they have two winnable games vs Northern Lake and Detroit Lakes this week. 

Class A Resume: Key Wins: #1 Warroad OT, #4 EGF, #6 Orono, #8 NFLD, #10 Alex, #11 CEC, #14 LF & #17 NL Key Losses: #2 Hawks & #7 Delano

  • East Grand Forks (8A) (13-6-1)

Past Week Results: W 3-4 OT Grand Forks Central, W 11-0 Crookston

Upcoming Schedule: 1/30 @ Moorhead, 2/1 vs Grand Forks Red River 

The Greenwave started the week by dropping a game to Grand Forks Central in OT again which really isn’t that bad considering GFC also owns a win over #1 Warroad this year and again is a team outside the Class A field. They then returned to Minnesota action and absolutely blasted 8A Crookston 11-0 to send a big note to all that they are really starting to fire on all cylinders and Section 8A needs to beware. This week they have two good tests that won’t really impact these rankings too much with they take on Morrhead and then border rival Grand Forks Central. 

Class A Resume: Key Wins: #5 Maht, #7 Delano, #14 TRF Key Losses: #1 Warroad OT, #2 Hawks, #3 SCC & #11 CEC

  • Mahtomedi (4A) (8-10-0) 

Past Week Results: W 6-1 Chisago Lakes, L 1-9 Hill Murray

Upcoming Schedule: 1/29 vs Two Rivers, 2/1 vs St Thomas Academy, 2/3 @ Simley 

The Zephyrs dipped their toe back into Class A and Section 4A action to start the week and they showed they are still the clear favorite to get back to State and defend their title when they took care of one of the top section contenders Chisago Lakes. However, they were blown out by Hill Murray at the end of the week which is a puzzling result, not because they lost but to get routed is very rare with this program, but again doesn’t really play a huge role in the Class A Ranking. This coming week is a busy one with the important game being the Section 4A game vs Simley as the Zephyrs look to lock up the #1 seed for playoffs.

Class A Resume: Key Wins: #6 Orono & #11 CEC Key Losses: #1 Warroad OT, #2 Hawks, #4 EGF & #7 Delano OT

  • Orono (2A) (13-6-0)

Past Week Results: L 2-3 St Cloud Public, W 5-2 Waconia

Upcoming Schedule: 2/1 @ Benilde St Margrets, 2/3 vs New Prague 

The Spartans are a very banged up bunch and offensively they are not packing much of a punch with all the Top nine forwards that are missing. They are surviving for now as they try to get healthy. They had a loss and a win vs teams outside of Class A in St Cloud Public and Waconia this week. Again looking at the resume Orono has not beat anyone above them in the Top 5 and they have not lost to anyone below them in Class A including head to head wins over the #7, #8, #9 and #10 teams respectively to be a solid #6. More non Class A games this week with Benilde and New Prague on tap in Metro West Conference action. 

Class A Resume: Key Wins: #7 Delano, #8 NFLD, #9 Monti, #10 Alex, #15 LF, #18 SWC Key Losses #1 Warroad, #3 SCC & #5 Maht

  • Delano (2A) (12-7-1)

Past Week Results: W 10-0 Litchfield Dassel Cokato, L 4-5 Chaska, W 7-0 Mound Westonka  

Upcoming Schedule: 1/30 @ Holy Family  

The Tigers, like many in the middle of the Class A Top 10 this week, dropped a game outside of the Class A field which was not great but had no impact on the overall resume. Delano was able to win the two most important games of the week when they took down Section 2A foes LDC and Mound Westonka. Overall, their resume is very strong as they only have Class A losses to 4 of the top 6 teams in the state and also own great wins over the #3 and #5 teams in the state which give them the most argument of anyone in the lower ten to move up. This week a rematch with WCC rival Holy Family and a chance to sweep the Fire for the first time in forever. 

Class A Resume: Key Wins: #3 SCC & #5 Maht OT Key Losses: #1 Warroad, #2 Hawks, #4 EGF & #6 Orono 

  • Northfield (1A) (13-2-2)

Past Week Results: W 7-0 Mankato East, L 2-4 #3 St Cloud Cathedral 

Upcoming Schedule: 1/30 vs Winona, 2/1 @ Mankato West, 2/3 vs Rochester Century/John Marshall 

The Raiders started the week by doing what they normally do as they took care of a Big 9 Conference opponent with ease to start the week when they shutout Mankato East. However, they faltered in their big matchup vs St Cloud Cathedral at the end of the week as they dug a deep hole and were not able to dig out of it for their 2nd loss of the year. They are good fit at #8 looking at their Class A resume as Delano, who beat SCC, and Orono, who beat the Raiders head to head, sit right above them but they own the head to head win over red hot Monticello right below them. They should get back to racking up wins down south this week but the match up with Rochester Century/John Marshall at the end of the week looks like a good one. 

Class A Resume: Key Wins: #9 Monti & #12 Hibbing Key Losses: #3 SCC & #6 Orono 

  • Monticello (5A) (16-2-0)

Past Week Results: 7-0 Providence Academy, W 3-1 Hutchinson

Upcoming Schedule: 1/30 @ Princeton, 2/2 vs Northern Edge 

The Moose just kept continuing to win this week as they moved their win streak to 12 games in a row this week. Monticello put on an impressive display in their best all around win of the year when they routed a dangerous Providence Academy team to start the week. However, they then had troubles with a struggling Hutchinson team to end the week. The Class A resume has a whole bunch of wins but no real significant ones and with losses head to head to #6 Orono and #8 NFLD they will stay at #9 for now but you have to give them credit for just continuing to win. Looking at the week ahead they should continue the win streak this upcoming week. 

Class A Resume: Key Win: #15 LF Key Losses: #6 Orono & #8 NFLD

  1. Alexandria (6A) (8-8-1)

Past Week Results: W 6-0 Willmar 

Upcoming Schedule: 1/30 @ Detroit Lakes, 2/1 @ Sauk Rapids, 2/3 vs Duluth Denfeld 

The Cards were able to pick up a win in their only game of the week as they moved back to .500 on the year and remained unbeaten within Section 6A play with the shutout win over Willmar. Alexandria has played good hockey of late and is (6-3-0) within Class A play and they look like a good bet to return to State for the 3rd straight year. This week they have a chance to get on a roll as they have three winnable games on tap they will be the favorite on paper.

Class A Resume: Spilt #15 LF (Won 2nd meeting) Key Win: #17 NL Key Losses: #3 SCC & #6 Orono

  1. Cloquet/Esko/Carlton (7A) (10-10-0)

Past Week Results: W 4-1 Rock Ridge, L 2-4 Bemidji

Upcoming Schedule: 1/30 @ Forest Lake, 2/1 vs #2 Hermantown, 2/3 @ Champlin Park 

The Lumberjacks had another week vs teams that make it hard to rank them outside of the Class A field. The win vs Rock Ridge was a big one as the Wolverines had just beaten Proctor the week earlier and if you add in CEC’s head to head win over the Rails their resume to be seeded higher than Proctor in 7A and in these rankings is very strong. However, they couldn’t keep momentum as they built up a quick 2-0 lead over Bemidji that they let slip away on the road to lose at the end of the week. If you just look at the Class A Resume CEC is a Top 10 team and should be the #2 seed in 7A and if they could shock Hawks this week it would lock them in as the number 1 seed come section time.  

Class A Resume: Key Win: #4 EFG, #12 Hibbing, #13 Proctor  Key losses- #3 SCC & #5 Maht

  1. Hibbing/Chisholm (7A) (15-7-0)

Past Week Result:W 3-0 Duluth Marshall, W 3-2 Superior, W 8-1 Crookston, W #14 Thief River Falls

Upcoming Schedule: 1/30 vs International Falls 

Hibbing had themselves their most impressive week of the year as they went and won all 4 games of a busy week and have now won 5 in a row to be red hot of late. They started the week with a very nice win over Duluth Marshall before winning games they should have vs Superior and Crookston. They capped off the week by beating a red hot #14 TRF and their resume has them at #12 with a win over #14 Prowlers and they are the current #3 seed in 7A with a win over #13 Proctor, with AJ in net, as the feather in their cap. They will look to stay hot this week when they host 7A International Falls as their young guns are starting to round into varsity form just as expected. 

Class A Resume: Key wins: #13 Proctor & #14 TRF Key Losses: #2 Hawks, #8 NFLD, #11 CEC & #15 LF

  1. Proctor (7A) (14-6-0)

Past Week Results: W 9-1 Ely, W 3-0 Tartan

Upcoming Schedule: 1/30 @ Pine City, 2/1 @ Superior (Wis.) 

The Rails were able to take care of business vs two lesser foes when they took out Ely and Tartan with ease this week to rebound from the loss to Rock Ridge last week nicely. Proctor has had a very solid year and looking at their head to head matchups and resume they seem to fit nicely here as they have losses to #11 CEC & #12 Hibbing above them but own wins over #15 Little Falls and #17 Northern Lakes below them. It’s been a great year for the Rails who will look to win two more games next week as they will be favored in both on paper. 

Class A Resume: Key Wins: #15 LF, #17 NL, #18 SWC Key Losses: #2 Hawks OT, #11 CEC, #12 Hibbing, #24 Breck 

  1. Thief River Falls (8A) (12-7-1)

Past Week Results: W 6-2 Waseca, W 5-0 Greenway, L 3-5 #12 Hibbing/Chisholm 

Upcoming Schedule: 2/2 vs #1 Warroad 

The Prowlers started the week strong by taking down Waseca and Greenway to begin the week to extend their win streak to 5 games. However, they met their match when they took on the young guns from Hibbing who were able to jump out to a good sized lead and refused to allow the Prowlers to come back. They remain at #14 with the loss and their resume may be shaky for that spot but their convincing head to head road win over #15 Little Falls lands them here for now. Only one game this week and it’s a mighty challenge when the #1 Warroad Warriors come to town. 

Class A Resume: Key Win: #15 LF Key Losses: #1 Warroad, #4 EGF, #12 Hibbing, #17 NL Key Tie: #3 SCC

  1. Little Falls (5A) (13-7-0)

Past Week Results: L 1-7 #3 St Cloud Cathedral, W 6-5 OT #16 Luverne

Upcoming Schedule: 1/30 @ Fergus Falls 

The Flyers had bumpy week as they went on the road to take on highly ranked St Cloud Cathedral in a Section 5A Final rematch and it was an ugly game as they were dominated by the Crusaders and in the third period were outshot 26-0 in the third period to show that there is significant gap between those two team currently. However, Little Falls, as they have  done all year, was resilient and they were able to come back and finish the week winning a run and gun shootout over Luverne. In the game they jumped out twice only to lose big leads they found a way late  in the overtime to win a big hockey game. Now they have just one game this week, a winnable one vs Fergus Falls and the Class A Resume has them sitting solidly at #15. 

Class A Resume: Spilt #10 Alex Key Win: #12 Hibbing, #16 Luverne, #17 NL Key Losses: #3 SCC, #6 Orono, #9 Monti, #13 Proctor, #14 TRF

  1. Luverne (3A) (16-2-0)

Past Week Results: 9-2 Worthington, L 5-6 OT #15 Little Falls, W 5-4 Cambridge Isanti 

Upcoming Schedule: 2/1 @ Marshall, 2/3 @ Morris Benson 

Roll Cards Roll had one of their tougher weeks of the year as they first took down 3A Worthington with ease before venturing outside of the SW corner of the state. A trip to Central Minnesota showed that this Luverne team can play as they battled back to lose a heartbreaker in OT to #15 Little Falls before mounting an impressive 3rd period comeback to take down Cambridge-Isanti for a nice bounceback win. Now Luverne heads back to the Big South Conference where on paper they will be the favorite to win out with their remaining schedule. 

Class A Resume: Key Wins: #19 Dodge County #25 New Ulm X2  Key loss- #15 LF

  1. Northern Lakes (6A) (11-5-0)

Past Week Results: Idle 

Upcoming Schedule: 1/30 @ #3 St Cloud Cathedral, 2/1 vs Morris/Benson 

The Lightning were idle this week as teams around them beat teams they just recently lost to it dropped them down one spot in the ranking this week. Northern Lakes will hope that the week off allowed them to refocus and re-energize as the last two weeks have not been their best hockey. Now they open back up with highly ranked Cathedral on the road before hosting 6A Morris/Benson to end the week. 

Class A Resume: Key wins: #14 TRF & #18 SWC Key Losses: #3 SCC, #10 Alex, #13 Proctor, #15 LF 

  1. Southwest Christian/Richfield (4A) (12-7-0)

Past Week Results: L 4-5 Mound Westonka, L 2-3 Providence Academy, W 6-3 St Paul Highland Park

Upcoming Schedule: 1/30 vs Hutchinson, 2/2 vs Bloomington Kennedy 

The Stars did not have a good week as they were upset in back to back games by Mound Westonka and Providence Academy. However, if they could only have one win on the week my guess is they would have picked it to be over St Paul Highland Park to keep them as the #2 seed in Section 4A. They have a resume to stay here for now as they own the head to head over #19 Dodge County, #21 MPLS & #24 Breck below them. However, they cant afford any more slips ups like this week and they will need to to win the 4A game vs Bloomington Kennedy this week to stay strong as the section’s #2 seed. 

Class A Resume: Key Wins: #19 DC, #21 MPLS, #24 Breck Key Losses: #6 Orono, #7 Delano, #13 Proctor, #17 NL, #25 New Ulm

  1. Dodge County (1A) (14-6-0)

Past Week Results: W 3-0 Mankato West

Upcoming Schedule: 2/3 vs Irondale 

The Wildcats won their only game of the week and they have now won 9 of their last 10 games and continue to try and push toward the #2 seed in Section 1A. Dodge County was able to get a shutout over Mankato West this week which continues the impressive trend of good defensive hockey they have played since they dropped their worst game of the year to Lourdes. Now they have plenty of time to rest and recharge as they get  ready to welcome Irondale at the end of this upcoming week. 

Class A Resume: Key wins: #20 La Crescent  Key Losses: #16 Luverne & #18 SWC

  • La Crescent-Hokah (1A) (17-1-0)

Past Week Results: W 13-2 Black River Falls (Wis.), W 13-0 Fairmont

Upcoming Schedule: 1/30 @ Viroqua (Wis.), 2/3 vs St Paul Academy 

The Lancers just continue to put up video game-like numbers down in southeastern Minnesota. This week they took care of business thrashing both Black River Falls and Fairmont. They have been taking care of business and doing all they can do within their schedule and are now (17-1-0) on the year. This week they have two more games they look like the favorite on paper in with the game vs St Paul Academy being somewhat interesting. 

Class A Resume: Key wins: 17 wins in 18 games  Key Losses: #19 DC

Next Five Notable Teams- 

  • Minneapolis (2A) (8-11-0)- The 612 crew has now rattled off 4 wins in their last 5 games and this week they picked up the critical head to head win over Breck which locks them into the #3 seed for the Section 2A Playoffs. They are starting to heat up at the right time and they will be a very dangerous team come playoff time. Games with Blake and Irondale this week have Minneapolis looking to get back near (.500) on the year. 
  • Providence Academy (2A) (7-13-0)- The Lions showed their inconsistencies yet again this week as they got absolutely blasted at home to start the week when they were run off the ice by #9 Monticello. However, they followed that up by upsetting Top 20 SWC to show on any given night this team can be scary. Due to their losses to Orono, Delano & MPLS but the 2nd win of the spilt with Breck the Lions look solid for the #4 seed in the 2A Playoffs. 
  • Red Lake Falls (8A) (14-3-0)- The Eagles have now won eight games in a row after they got three more wins this week. Red Lake Falls continues their torrid pace of late as they eye the #4 seed in Section 8A. Big game this week as they have a rematch with Park Rapids, a team on a 12 game unbeaten streak, and the Panther won the first game in OT so this is a must win for the Eagles if they want home ice for the Quarterfinal Round. 
  • Breck (2A) (11-9-1)- The Mustangs dropped their 3rd straight game in the only game of their week as they lost the head to head to Minneaplis and now look destined for the #5 seed in Section 2A. After winning 7 of 8 games and having the inside track to the #3 seed this three game losing streak could not have come at a worse time as now they have set themselves up with a very difficult path come section playoff time. 
  • New Ulm (3A) (14-4-0)- The Eagles won two Big South Conference games this week over Minnesota River and Fairmont and improved their record to 14 wins. New Ulm has been dealing with injuries this year to top end guys which has affected them in some of their big games. They still look string to be the #2 seed in Section 3A and have a shot to get to State this March. 

BHS Class A 2023-24 Section Break Downs Week #10 (1/28/24)

Section 1A Rankings (1/28/24)

1- Northfield (13-2-2)

2- Dodge County (14-6-0)

3- La Crescent-Hokah (17-1-0)

4- Albert Lea (10-8-1)

5- Rochester Lourdes (7-12-0)

6- Winona (12-5-0)

7- Waseca (10-8-0)

8- Faribault (6-12-0)

9- Red Wing (4-14-1)

10- Austin (4-15-0)

Section 1A Outlook- Northfield (.500) on the week outside the section. Dodge County & La Crescent both went unbeaten outside the section. Albert Lea picked up the crucial 2nd in the season series split with 1A Winona. Rochester Lourdes & Waseca went (.500) outside the section this week. Red Wing picked up the 1A head to head win over Austin this week. Faribault went winless on the week. 

Section 2A Rankings (1/28/24)

1- Orono (13-6-0)

2- Delano (12-7-1)

3- Minneapolis (8-11-0)

4- Providence Academy (7-13-0)

5- Breck (11-9-1)

6- Mound Westonka (8-10-1)

7- Hutchinson (5-12-2)

8- Litchfield Dassel-Cokato (3-15-1)

Section 2A Outlook- Orono went (.500) on the week outside the section. Delano picked up 2A wins over both Mound Westonka & Litchfield Dassel-Cokato. Hutchinson also got a 2A win over the Dragons this week. Minneapolis picked up the big 2A head to head win over Breck to lock up the 3 seed. Providence Academy went (.500) outside the section this week. 

Section 3A Rankings (1/28/24)

1- Luverne (16-2-0)

2- New Ulm (14-4-0)

3- Mankato East (9-10-1)

4- Mankato West (7-10-2)

5- Marshall (11-9-0)

6- Minnesota River (9-8-0)

7- Worthington (4-12-0)

8- Windom (4-15-0)

9- Redwood Valley (1-18-0)

10- Fairmont (2-20-0)

Section 3A Outlook- Luverne picked up a 3A win over Worthington to stay unbeaten in the section. New Ulm got 3A wins over Fairmont & Minnesota River. Mankato East & Mankato West both picked up one win outside the section. Marshall got the crucial 2nd win over the Bulldogs in the season series for the 5 seed. Redwood Valley picked up their first win of the year in a 3A game over the Cardinals. Windom went winless on the week.  

Section 4A Rankings (1/28/24)

1- Mahtomedi (8-10-0)

2- Southwest Christian/Richfield (12-7-0)

3- Chisago Lakes (8-11-0)

4- South St Paul (7-12-0)

5- St Paul Highland Park (8-11-0)

6- St Paul Academy (7-12-0) 

7- Simley (3-15-1)

8- Bloomington Kennedy (4-12-0)

Section 4A Outlook- Mahtomedi got a Section 4A head to head win over Chisago Lakes this week. Southwest Christian/Richfield picked up a head to head 4A win over St Paul Highland Park. St Paul Academy picked up a head to head 4A win over Simley. South St Paul went (1-2-0) outside the section and Bloomington Kennedy was idle on the week. 

Section 5A Rankings (1/28/24)

1- St Cloud Cathedral (15-4-1)

2- Monticello (16-2-0)

3- Little Falls (13-7-0)

4- Princeton (10-9-1)

5- River Lakes (8-9-2)

6- Pine City (10-10-0)

7- Sauk Rapids (8-9-3)

8- Becker/Big Lake (10-7-0)

9- Mora/Milaca (10-9-1)

Section 5A Outlook- St Cloud Cathedral picked up a 5A rout of Little Falls this week. Monticello has now won 12 straight games. Princeton picked up a 5A sweep over Becker/Big Lake but the Eagles had a big upset win over 5A River Lakes earlier in the week. Pine City won both their games outside the section, while Sauk Rapids went .500 outside the section and Mora/Milaca went winless on the week. 

Section 6A Rankings (1/28/24)

1- Alexandria (8-8-1)

2- Northern Lakes (11-5-0)

3- Fergus Falls (6-13-0)

4- Prairie Centre (7-11-1)

5- Willmar (5-14-1)

6- Morris Benson (10-9-0)

7- Wadena Deer Creek (5-11-0)

8- Breckenridge/Wahpeton (5-13-0)

Section 6A Outlook- Alexandria picked up a 6A win over Willmar to stay unbeaten in the section. Fergus Falls went (1-2-0) outside the section. Prairie Centre had a big week picking up the 2nd wins in series splits over Morris Benson and the Cardinals to move into the 4 seed for now. Wadena Deer Creek got the important 2nd win over Breckenridge/Wahpeton in their 6A season series. Northern Lakes was idle during the week. 

Section 7A Rankings (1/28/24)

1- Hermantown (12-6-2)

2- Cloquet/Esko/Carlton (10-10-0)

3- Hibbing (15-7-0)

4- Proctor (14-6-0)

5- North Shore (7-7-3)

6- Ely (12-9-0) 

7- International Falls (4-11-2)

8- Greenway (3-14-2)

9- Moose Lake (5-14-0)

Section 7A Outlook- Hermantown went (1-2-0) but all games outside the section. Cloquet/Esko/Carlton went (.500) outside the section. Hibbing won all four games they played this week. Proctor picked up a 7A head to head win over Ely. North Shore and International Falls skated to a 7A Tie. Greenway broke their winless streak outside the section and Moose Lake was winless this week. 

Section 8A Rankings (1/28/24) 

1- Warroad (16-3-0)

2- East Grand Forks (13-6-1)

3- Thief River Falls (12-7-1)

4- Red Lake Falls (14-3-0)

5- Detroit Lakes (9-10-1)

6- Park Rapids (10-3-3)

7- Crookston (9-9-0)

8- Lake of the Woods (12-6-0)

9- Bagley/Fosston (6-12-0)

10- Kittson County Central (2-19-0)

Section 8A Outlook- Warroad won the big game this week on HockeyDay Minnesota. East Grand Forks went (.500) but got an 8A win over Crookston. Thief Rivers Falls went (2-1-0) outside the section on the week. Detroit Lakes continued their rough patch as they lost two games to North Dakota teams. Red Lake Falls went (3-0-0) on the week which included a win over Bagley/Fosston. Lake of the Woods and the Pirates both got an 8A win over Kittson County Central.