Skill Zone: Tyson Miller

A look at the attributes of Tyson Miller, a top 2008 Minnesota prospect.

Tyson Miller is your prototypical power forward as he has great size and skill to match. The Rogers native creates havoc in front of the net as he’s feisty and difficult to contain. The size of Miller is nice, but what makes him a prospect to watch is his ability to generate space with contact while maintaining puck control. Miller seems to always have the edge in the zone, being able to make a move or use a subtle shuffle to gain space and generate scoring opportunities.

His shot has some spice to it, and he’s demonstrated good placement during recent viewings. He can make adjustments and gets good looks at the net while fighting off stick-checks from defenders. Miller put up over a point-per-game last season as a first year Bantam for the Rogers AA team. Tyson had a great showing this fall at the Bantam Elite League, finishing third in the league in goals with 8.

Miller, who has a late 2008 DOB (October), is such a valuable asset for a team as he plays the hard minutes, grinding in the tough areas of the ice, yet has the ability to deliver a sauce pass or use a clever maneuver to slip by a defender. Continued progression on his skating will be beneficial. Miller is strong and has puck possession skills, a combo that will take you a long way in this game.

-From the Scout’s Room

“He’s a hockey player, plain and simple. He goes out there and competes hard and by the end of the day he’s rewarded for his efforts. He’s a fun player to watch and when he gains lower body strength to match his frame, watch out!”