Skill Zone: Landon Huh

Photo by David Romuald

A quick look at the attributes of Landon Huh, a top 2008 Minnesota prospect.

The Chaska/Chanhassen product is a versatile defenseman that can act as a fourth forward for his team. Landon is very efficient at collecting loose pucks and transitioning them up ice. Keeps the opposition guessing as he rarely is moving in a straight line, using his edges to meander his way to safe spots on the ice. When in transit he uses clever stickwork to evade poke checks while surveying his options. When in the offensive zone he’s patient with the puck, not allowing pressure to put him in compromising situations, instead he moves to open ice and uses his teammates. During viewings Huh showed a liking to take high percentage wrist/snap shots from the point. His speed is a strength and offers a lot of upside moving forward.

What scouts are saying.

“He’s a well-balanced skater that is shifty and wins a good percentage of his 1v1 battles. A player that will give your team a spark and he can play forward or defense. High Ceiling as he continues to develop.”