Ryan Lund is Good at Hockey

Warroad's Ryan Lund. Photo by David Romuald

-A quick scouting report on Warroad’s Ryan Lund

When looking at Ryan Lund it’s hard not to notice his towering, stocky frame, when watching Lund play its hard to ignore his extreme skill for such a big player. The Warroad defenseman moves about the ice very well, showing nice agility in tight areas and the ability to turn up the speed and join the offense on the rush.

Lund does a fantastic job locking onto players in front of the net and tracking them in the defensive zone. Lund keeps calm and uses his body and stick very well to interrupt passing lanes and block open ice from opponents. He’s efficient while playing the body, taking away space from the opposition, while making it difficult for them to navigate. As hard as it is to outwork Lund in the corners or gain position in front of the net, it may be more difficult to beat him on the rush as he has a large coverage radius and can move backward with good speed.

On breakouts he can skate or pass to exit the zone. During viewings Lund has given excellent support to his forward on the rush, offering them an extra option as they gain the offensive end. When in the zone Lund is locked and loaded for a one-timer, often positioning the stick at hip level, and then releasing a hard accurate shot on net. On the power-play, Warroad has been using him at forward to get his 6’3, 205-pound frame in front of the goalie. This is a good spot for Lund as he has good hands for tips and to scoop up loose pucks or rebounds.

Lund has a great skillset, and he continues to progress nicely. Lund is a great player and is one to keep a eye on.