Cole Eiserman Scouting Report

DOB  8/29/2006 
Height  5’10  
Weight  180 
Position  Left Wing 
Team  Shattuck St. Mary’s U14 
College  None 
Birthplace Newburyport, MA 

Cole Eiserman is a unique talent that possesses many different elite level skills. The most notable attribute is that Eiserman has one of the best shots for a 2006 DOB. Everything about his shot is done at a high caliber. His accuracy during viewings has been superb and it’s extremely heavy. His release is comparable to Vladimir Tarasenko as it is quick and deceptive. Eiserman prefers to use a snap when alone on a goalie, taking the most opportune time to shoot, maximizing the amount of net he gets to look at. He prefers to go low blocker when available, but if the goalie goes to the butterfly early, Eiserman goes top-shelf with ease. He also does not take below average shots and risk a turnover, instead he’s patient and will look for an alternative option. 

Eiserman uses his body well to protect the puck and resorts to his supreme edge work to drive towards the net. His overall speed is great as well. He takes advantage of this by accelerating by the defender up the boards, and then cutting to the middle of the ice for a premium scoring chance. His work in the slot is good as he moves well without the puck and finds open areas.  

Eiserman plays an up-tempo game, everything is done fast. He can receive a pass in traffic as well as in topflight. He has a strong stick and wins battles for loose pucks. His overall physical conditioning appears good and he shows the same skill level at the end of a shift that he does at the beginning. 

Eiserman is a pure finisher that is putting up goals at a record pace. Before the Covid shutdown he was on pace for over 100 goals this season, something past Shattuck stars have not been able to accomplish. Eiserman is putting up these numbers with truly little ice time as Shattuck U14’s role four lines equally. In recent viewings he has been averaging just 12-14 minutes a contest. 

U14 players can be hard to judge as when they are physically mature, they might be a product of this fact alone. Cole is physically mature for his age, even though he is a late 2006 DOB, but his physical maturity is not what sets him apart from the pack. Will other 2006’s catch-up to him in coming years? How will he fare against older kids when he advances to the next level?These questions are not a knock on Eiserman, as it is a question with all prospects at this age. Eiserman is doing an excellent job developing as a player but he’ll continue to have a microscope on him due to his elite status. For now he’s the pinnacle of the 06’s in North America.

Key Attributes: shot strength, shot release, shot accuracy, puck protection, scoring touch, scoring drive, anticipation, decision making, acceleration, speed, balance, board and corner play, confidence