Best Is Yet To Come For Griffin Storey Of Waseca

Photo By David Romuald

Storey is a lanky and athletic prospect that possesses some shake-n-bake in his game. Griffin has had a great start to his high school career, scoring 21 points (7 goals, 12 assists) in 12 games as just a freshman for an up-and-coming Waseca team.

Storey brings a lot of skills to the table. The two attributes that jump off the page are his agility and size, a rare combination for a player in an adjustment period in their lives. Griffin is also resourceful at maximizing his skills on the ice, often displaying this dominance in bantams, and now implementing his skills to be an impactful high school player. Griffin has demonstrated good speed, a nice hard shot with placement, and great intensity.

During a recent viewing, the 2009 DOB won a majority of his one-on-one battles, showed moxie in the greasy areas of the ice, and made some slick moves with the stick in order to create space for himself and teammates. Griffin has an imaginative approach to the game, showing new moves and giving a lot of different looks for the opposition to stumble upon. His physical abilities make him a good player, his mind makes him great.

During the Bantam Elite League this fall he took over a game by basically playing shinny hockey out there. He was bouncing passes off the boards to himself, corralling passes with his skate blades and then shuffling the puck to his stick, and making crisp sauce passes to teammates. I’m not suggesting he’s Houdini, but when things are not working, he will go to plan B and this approach has given him a lot of success to this point in his development.

Griffin is also a versatile player, playing a good deal of forward and defense over the past couple of years, in the games I’ve watched this season Storey has been at forward for the Blue Jays. He excels at both positions, but I prefer to have his playmaking ability up front, but an argument can be made that his puck carrying ability and vision may be better suited for defense.

Overall, Griffin has shown great development but has some hurdles moving forward as he figures out his game while climbing the prospect ladder, a ladder that may go up a longways. For Storey, the best is yet to come.